The Plight Of A Rose (2)


The Plight Of A Rose 2: The Nemesis.
By Shidoo Takaa

Madam Kasev after hearing Kate’s story invited her to her house to stay and raise her baby. She employed her as a help in the house and enrolled her in school. Kate was dedicated to raising her baby and going to school. Years passed and Kate finished school, served her country in the NYSC scheme, got married to a great man and got a job at a reputable company. She rose through the ranks and became the office manager of the company where she worked. Then her past came calling, she was in need of a security guard at the office and sent out an advert for applications. A lot of prospective employees sent in applications and the interviews were fixed. Kate decided to sit in on the interview of the ten finalists.

 As the interviews got underway, Kate had a premonition of something happening but she buried the feeling. As the last applicant walked through the door, she knew why she had that feeling. Standing before her and ready to be interviewed was the stranger that raped her years ago. She recognised him, though he was older. He definitely could not recognize her. Kate felt sick to her stomach, she listened dazedly as the HR manager quizzed the stranger. The only thing she could feel was anger and a thirst for revenge. The sound of the HR manager’s voice brought her back to her senses, “Any questions from you, madam, he asked.

 After a pause that got everyone in the room tensed, she replied: “Actually I will like to know why you did it?”

“Did what?” the confused man asked.

“Why…” Kate continued.  she could not control the hate she felt but she knew she had to control herself and think things through quickly, then she continued.

 “Why did you apply for this job”. The man quickly explained how very qualified he was for the job, adding how desperately he needs the job to take care of his family. Kate took a hard look at him again and asked.

“what do you think about forgiveness?” Everyone in the room including the man was shocked because of the question wondering its relevance, only Kate knew. Kate looked lost as the man managed to explain about forgiveness, she really didn’t want to hear what he had to say, just looking at him and thinking of the punishment he deserved for what he did to her years ago.

After the interview session was through, Kate walked slowly to her office, she couldn’t believe she just allowed her abuser walk away. She dreamt every day of strangling him if she ever set her eyes on him and there he was like a fish on a hook and she was the fisherman but she let him go like that. She paced up and down furiously. Suddenly she felt something come over her and she felt calm, then she started processing her thoughts and she took her seat behind her desk.  She felt the tears she had held back for so long, roll down her cheeks then she spoke for the first time after the interview “This is not me”. She remembered the words of Madam Kasev when she was leaving her house. “This world is a sad place, my dear, I know you are still bitter from the painful experience of the past but don’t let it control you. Free yourself, forgiveness is freedom. It is not for the person who wronged you but for yourself. So you can learn and grow. No one in this world who is free of troubles. But some of us have chosen to be the difference, you can be different too my dear, you can be the change”. Kate repeated the words to herself, “I can be the change”.

She knew it was going to be a hard journey to forgiveness and healing but she was going to take it one day at a time with the stranger, at least her child deserved to know who his father was. She picked up her phone and dialled the HR manager’s office. “Hello, yes. I want you to call the last interviewee for the job to take the position” she spoke into the phone.

 “Yes, Mr John Vaa… “please just do it…” she added and ended the call. Kate sat back on her seat slowly, sighed and closed her eyes.

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