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SEXCAPADE OF NATASHA (37) By Emdee David Mazi, the Commissioner is at the poolside of the hotel with the governor. The main meeting was brief and now it is the merriment that is occupying their mind and time. Natasha sits directly opposite...
Sexcapade Of Natasha (31) By Emdee David Andy knocks twice at Vera’s door. There is no response. So he decides to leave, but before he drives off, the door opens and Vera begs him to come in. she offers him wine but he refuses.
The Sexcapade Of Natasha
Natasha is getting married tomorrow, April the first. But tonight, the last day in March,  is going to be Girls’ Night Out. She had opted for a quiet, more or less, a secret traditional marriage, but agreed to an elaborate white wedding. Ken easily concurred with her...
THE SEXCAPADE OF NATASHA (3)By Emdee David Natasha wakes to find Mr Dickson is not in bed with her. Where is he? She wonders. Then she notices his shoes quietly lying down on the floor beside the bed. She sighs and picks her phone. There are Blackberry pings...
SEXCAPADE OF NATASHA-1 ~ EmdeeDavid Her dressing is in-between formal and casual, informed by the day’s double mission.  A fitted pink silk armless top is covered by a black designer suit meant for her business meeting in the early hours of the evening. 

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