Notable Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi has taken to her social media to edify the public that female Nollywood actresses make money legitimately.

This was in response to the veteran rap artiste, Ruggedman’s stance on Nollywood male and female actors’ achievements. “My male actors in Nollywood what’s going on? It’s just the females buying cars and building houses left and right. I wanted to come into Nollywood but at this rate, I no come again”, Ruggedman wrote on his social media page.

In reaction, Toyin noted that female actresses made money but it doesn’t make their male counterparts less productive and successful as most females decides to spend and flaunt their money on cars and luxury.

“I saw the social media post made by Ruggedman about women making more money and doing well, better than men. I read into the lines and saw what Ruggedman implied. It is a little sad that many people on social media leeched on it with many derogatory comments about women especially those of us in Nollywood. It is important that I put it out there that many women make money and make good money legitimately. I know actresses who charge two million, three million and five million in this Nollywood “, she said.

The Alakada actor cited herself as an example stating that she earns millions for gigs while stating that she recently paid millions of naira to acquire a car.

“I know a lot of men in Nollywood who are doing extraordinarily well and paid in millions. The fact that most of these men choose not to make noise in social media do not in any way mean that they are second class citizen in this industry”, she added.

Toyin added that Nollywood actresses like Bimbo Ademoye, Nancy Isime, Kehinde Bankole, Inidima Okojie, Sharon Ooja, BisolaAiyelo get paid in millions as well as scriptwriters and as such they make legitimate money.

“We need to stop attributing every woman’s success to her sexual prowess with men, women deserve the success they have as much as men without attributing it to their sexuality”, she concluded.

Written By Mary Abazuo


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