Within the past 24 hours, Social Media were inundated with a fictitious story headlined, ‘Rainoil Boss, Dr. Gabriel Ogbechie, Fingered in the Death of Suspect who Implicated him in Alleged Plot to Assassinate Ned Nwoko”.

This is a false narrative; a figment of Ned Nwoko’s infantile imagination.

If you had not followed the Ned Nwoko’s continuous manipulation of facts in his attempt at infantile Murder Movie scripts, here are how he dreamed his fictional tale:

Ned Nwoko wrote a petition to the Commissioner of Police, Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Police Command in Abuja, in November 2020 alleging a plot to attack and kill him. In the petition, Ned Nwoko stated thusly:

‘I was reliably informed by my wife, Regina Daniels who was also informed by one Mr Wale Jana that the suspects who were arrested and remanded at the Kuje Correctional Center in connection with the murder case in my village are plotting to cause me harm and possibly kill me. From the information made available to me, the evil plot is being sponsored by one Chief Gabriel Ogbechie, the Chairman of Rainoil . I CAME TO THIS CONCLUSION because according to the report sent to my wife by Wale Jana , it said an inmate in the same room with the suspects at the correctional facility, WHO PRETENDED TO BE SLEEPING heard them plotting to harm me. From what he heard, the sponsor of the planned attack owns a filling station and is in the business of Oil and Gas and hails from the community around. AS FAR AS I KNOW, THE ONLY PERSON THAT FITS THE DESCRIPTION IS ONE CHIEF GABRIEL OGBECHIE’

Chief Gabriel Ogbechie – Founder, RainOil

A screenshot of the chat between the purported prisoner informant and Regina Daniels was also attached to his petition. In the Whatsapp messages, one of the prisoners from Idumuje-Ugboko was mentioned as Cheta. When this petition was brought to the attention of Dr Gabriel Ogbechie, he immediately visited the Commissioner of Police, FCT Police Command. During that visit, Chief Ogbechie stated that his name was not mentioned by the alleged prisoner informant. Thus the conclusion that Gabriel Ogbechie was the only person that fit Ned Nwoko’s description, entirely a malicious day dream of Ned Nwoko to disparage his person.

The FCT Command thoroughly investigated the matter, visited the prisons and reached the conclusion that the matter was frivolous. Despite this investigation by the FCT Command, the Nigeria Police Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) suddenly requested that the case be transferred to the Department.

Gabriel Ogbechie, then wrote a petition to the Inspector General of Police requesting the following:

  1. That the Office of the IGP should take over the case
  2. That the Office of the IGP should investigate the relationship between Regina Daniels and a random prisoner, especially how they knew each other so well that a prisoner could exchange WhatsApp messages with a celebrity actress and wife of a widely known self-proclaimed billionaire.
  3. That the Office of the IGP should investigate Ned Nwoko for defamation.

The Inspector-General of Police took over the case and the IG Monitoring Unit invited Ned Nwoko for questioning. He visited the IG Monitoring Unit on the 20th of January 2021 and he was asked to go and produce the prisoner who told him there was a plot to kill him. Suddenly, Ned Nwoko declared that the prisoner who told him of the plot is dead! It is also worthy to note that for the first time, he stated that the prisoner who told him is Ossy Biose and not Wale Jana as stated in his petition. The Police were incredulous. Where is the body? Where is the autopsy report? Ned Nwoko had no answer to these questions. While the Police are waiting for him to produce the prisoner, Ned NWOKO suddenly claims that the prisoner is dead, and it is Gabriel Ogbechie who is being fingered in the purported death.

Chief Ned Nwoko

The prisoner, Wale Jana who Ned Nwoko mentioned in his petition as the one who told his wife/himself and the now Ossy Biose who he now claims is dead, are all exclusively known only to Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels. It looks like a poor movie that has reached a dead end and the actor had to die!

And indeed, it has all been a movie, a work of fiction.

Ned Nwoko in his petition stated that the prisoner shared the same room at Kuje Correctional Facility with two boys from Idumuje Ugboko. The prisoners from Idumuje Ugboko were not at Kuje Correctional Center. They are at Suleja Correctional Center. They were arraigned on the 26th of August 2020. The judge ordered that they be remanded at Kuje Correctional Center. But due to COVID 19, they were remanded at the Suleja Correctional Facility since on the 26th of August 2020. They have remained there till this date.

Ned Nwoko, in writing his movie script, could not pay any diligence to even ascertain the location of the Idumuje-Ugboko prisoners. He simply located his movie theater at Kuje Correctional Center. The movie has run its course. Ned Nwoko has killed his main actor and is now maligning the integrity and reputation of Dr Gabriel Ogbechie

Ned Nwoko and Dr Gabriel Ogbechie are from the same village, Idumuje Ugboko in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State. Dr Gabriel Ogbechie has severally tried to intervene in the feud between Ned Nwoko and the Community over the refusal of Ned Nwoko to allow the King to receive his Staff of Office and the fallout following Ned Nwoko’s quest to build a University.

Ned Nwoko has a history of accusing innocent people of murder. He is a serial accuser, and you will see herein a history of his malicious accusations:

In May 2017, Ned Nwoko sent thugs to disrupt a routine meeting at the Palace of the King of the community and this degenerated into a fracas. Ned Nwoko, on account of this fracas, caused two boys from the community to be arrested and charged with murder. The boys stridently claimed that no one was killed, no body was found, and no one was missing. But Ned Nwoko insisted that someone known only to himself was killed. The boys were locked up in Agbor prison for three years before the Delta State High Court eventually discharged and acquitted them for lack of evidence. Three years of their life has been needlessly wasted.

Also, in May 2017, Ned Nwoko caused a petition to be written accusing the King and other members of the community of terrorism. Ned Nwoko caused two other boys from the community to be arrested, taken to Abuja, arraigned before a judge of the Federal High Court and detained in an Abuja prison for more than one year before they were released on bail.

Ned Nwoko caused the President General of them Idumuje Ugboko to be arrested by men of the FCID, driven to Abuja, locked up in a cell for more than a month before being arraigned on charges of Terrorism. He spent more than five months in detention.

Ned NWOKO caused the youngest brother of the King to be arrested and locked up in Abuja for months also on account of terrorism.

Ned Nwoko got policemen to invade the Palace in the dead of the night. Idumuje Ugboko’s illustrious sons and daughters were arrested. The King too was arrested, taken to Asaba and locked up in Asaba cell. Gabriel Ogbechie and other respected sons and daughters of Idumuje Ugboko had to intervene to ensure the release of the King against the wishes of Ned Nwoko

Ned Nwoko caused the arrest of Raymond Omesiete who as at today has been locked up at FCID Abuja for two months now and counting all on account of terrorism basis a fight in 2017

Cheta and Onyisi are the two Ugboko boys who are held at Suleja Prisons but both of whom Ned Nwoko claims are actors in his imaginative movie at Kuje Prisons. The two of them are part of the Vigilante Security outfit in the community. Ned Nwoko caused their arrest, and they were taken to Delta State High Court and charged with attempted murder. The court dismissed the case. Ned Nwoko promptly brought Police from Abuja and whisked them to FCID from where they are, arraigned for Terrorism and awaiting trial.

Ned Nwoko and wife, Regina Daniels

They have been in Suleja Prison for five months and counting.

Gabriel Ogbechie has severally engaged Ned Nwoko on the need for peace to reign in the community and for him to stop his relentless onslaught against poor and defenseless members of the community. This engagement and the quest by Gabriel Ogbechie to ensure that these people get justice has made Ned Nwoko continue a vicious smear campaign against Gabriel Ogbechie, with the aim to attack his person and tarnish his reputation.

The law enforcement agencies are believed to be dutifully carrying out their duties to ensure that Ned Nwoko is brought to account for defamation.


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